We fund entrepreneur led organisations targeting big problems with a market-based approach.   They put scalability, financial sustainability and impact measurement at the centre of their efforts.

We look for an outstanding social entrepreneur, a compelling model and measurement of true impact.

an outstanding social entrepreneur

Our social entrepreneurs are attracted to improving the lot of the world’s poor, but do so with the technology, measurement and management discipline you would expect to find in a high-growth commercial venture. 

Good entrepreneurs are skilled generalists, voracious learners and good communicators.  They know their market, their customers, the competing models and their numbers.  Most of all, they do whatever is needed to get things done. 

a compelling model

A compelling model targets a big problem in a cost-effective and scalable way.  A compelling model can demonstrate measurable impact and be favorably compared with other approaches to a similar problem.

A compelling model can get to long-term financial self-sufficiency and will survive the "walk-away test".  It will leave in place long-term change once the well-meaning foreigners have left the scene.

measurement of true impact

Successful organizations really know their numbers.  We are ultimately interested in measuring the impact on people's health (mortality/ morbidity), education or incomes.  We expect organizations we fund to have data at their finger-tips and an ability to demonstrate their end impact.

is philanthropy broken ?

Donors do not generally allocate funding based on impact data.  They give to brands, marketing campaigns and pet causes.  We don't believe that organisations with low levels of accountability for their revenue will get more effective every year.

The debate on whether Development Aid works at all does not make for encouraging reading.

Some high-net-worth donors are highly involved and try to maximise the positive impact of their giving - the Gates Foundation being the best known example.

Our approach is designed to simply ensure we maximise the impact of our giving and to help others do the same.