One Acre Fund

Social Entrepreneur

Andrew Youn




To get farming families out of extreme poverty.


A comprehensive group of services to subsistence farmers that include organizing farmers into producer groups, providing seeds and fertilizer on credit, education, insuring their crops against significant draught or disease and providing post-harvest and market support to help them store and sell harvests for profit.

Where they work

Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi,Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi.

Annual budget

US$83 million FY16 (Dec16).

Delivered to date

As of 2015, served 305,400 farm families per year cultivating 160,389 acres and total impact of approximately ~$57M.


Farmers increase their farm profits and use the additional income to pay for school fees, obtain greater quantities and diversity of food, open new businesses and build better homes.

BIG plans

Reach 1.25 million farm families by 2020 in the core program and another 2 million farmers through government partnerships and the private sector.

Our investment so far

US$3,050,000 unrestricted grants.

In depth training on ploughing, planting, weeding, and harvesting, with simple pictorial guides and on-farm visits to reinforce practice.
Andrew Youn is the Founder and CEO of One Acre Fund.
They deliver farm inputs within 2 km of farmers' homes, allowing them to obtain seeds and fertilizer that were previously inaccessible.