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Social Entrepreneur

Greg Casagrande




Moving families out of poverty.


Microfinance institution that follows a modified Grameen Bank methodology in providing financial services to the poor. SPBD provides unsecured credit for micro-entrepreneurial purposes, home improvements and childhood education.  It also provides micro-enterprise training and access to savings and insurance services.

Where they work

Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and Solomon Islands.

Annual budget

US$1.1m in Samoa, US$820k in Tonga and US$1.2m in Fiji and $270k in Solomon Islands for FY13 (Dec-13).

Delivered to date

Provided over 40,000 unsecured loans totalling over US$42 million, helping launch over 27,000 micro-businesses maintaining a default rate of less than 2%.


Financed housing improvements for 20,000 families and education for over 40,000 children.

big plans

Establish a region-wide, well-managed, efficient and financially sustainable microfinance network that will improve the quality of life of people living in poverty in the South Pacific.

Our investment so far

Loans to Samoa (WST1.4 million), Tonga (TOP$1 million), Fiji (NZ$750,000) and Singapore (NZ$500,000, AU$ 400,000 and US$400,000).  Disaster relief grants to Samoa (WST100k) and Tonga (NZ$100k).

SPBD Tonga has rolled out the program to 26 villages in the islands of Tongatapu reaching 1,066 aspiring micro-entrepreneurs.
Greg Casagrande is the Founder and President of The South Pacific Business Development Foundation.
Weekly meetings include training modules, loan applications, repayments, savings deposits, and ongoing business mentoring.