Social Entrepreneur

Jordan Kassalow




Create access to affordable eyewear, everywhere.

Where they work

In India directly and 20 other developing countries through other partners.


Market-appropriate business models that train local people to provide the BoP consumer with access to high-quality, affordable eye care services through proprietary distribution channels in India and also leverage partners' distribution channels.

Hub-Spoke model where centrally located optical shops function as a hub of operations for teams of vision entrepreneurs that act as spokes conducting outreach in the communities surrounding the optical shops.  Shops also offer higher margin products the sale of which support the resource intensive work of reaching remote communities.

Annual budget

US$4.4 million for FY16 (Dec16).

Delivered to date

3 million pairs of glasses delivered and screened 5 million+ people with its partners


A 35% higher productivity and 20% increase in income equals $216 enhanced earnings for the 2-years useful life of glasses.

big plans

Distribute 10 million pairs of radically affordable eyeglasses by 2020.

Our investment so far

US$1,900,000 in unrestricted grants.

A VisionSpring vision entrepreneur conducts a vision exam during a vision campaign in a rural community in northern India.
Jordan Kassalow is the Founder and CEO of VisionSpring.
One of VisionSpring's customers in El Salvador receives a vision exam during an outreach campaign.