How we work

We strive to deeply understand organisations - their management and board, financials, metrics, plans and impact.  We look for organisations who can articulate a clear vision and their vision for impact at scale.

We provide results-oriented funding (mostly grants, sometimes equity or debt) and we advocate strongly for those we fund within our wider network of funders and talent.

We provide unrestricted and long-term funding - for as long as we have confidence in the potential for impact.



We seek durable solutions with a well-defined and cost-effective impact that can grow to reach over 100,000+ beneficiaries.

We seek organisations that are relatively early-stage who have a clear model and evidence of their effectiveness.  

We seek strong management with commercial acumen and the capability to go to scale.   We like to see sound governance, grown-up accounting, measurement disciplines and 100% transparency.

Our areas of interest include health, education, better livelihoods and environmental sustainability.  We work globally but mostly in Africa and South Asia.